Saturday, March 20, 2010

Clarified Butter

We've all been craving carbs lately. Holly said it's because we're not eating enough good fat (butter, coconut oil, etc...). Not everything goes well with coconut oil and olive oil loses a lot of it's nutrition when heated at high temperatures but Melaina, Elijah, and Gideon can't have butter. I've heard of clarified butter (also known as ghee) before but wasn't sure how to make it. I guess by cooking it down you can take the lactose and things out of the butter and only leave the oil which is the nutritious part. I found a recipe and with Holly's help, I tried it. It worked great! Melaina didn't throw up or even get a stomach ache. She can have butter!!! We made nut pancakes this morning loaded with butter. She was pretty excited.

No, it will not make you fat. It's good fat your body actually needs and knows what to do with. I was just reading that back in the day mothers would sell their cream from their farms to make extra cash because it was high in demand but their children were malnourished. I don't want my children to be malnourished so I'm going to feed my children lots of real butter and other things with good fat. Not margarine that the cockroaches and ants won't even eat.


Marcee said...

great post Season! We're not allergic to anything, so we're just sticking with butter. We use coconut and olive oil also. Where do you get your coconut oil? I can get it here in Hermiston for about $10/lb. That's the refined, virgin stuff. I really need to bite the bullet and buy a 5 gallon bucket of it from somewhere online. I might use it more often and it would probably be cheaper.

Season said...

I've been buying it at Lifesource in their bulk section but Azure sells it by the gallon for cheaper probably.