Monday, March 15, 2010

Cloth Diapers

I've always kind of wanted to use cloth diapers but didn't think I had it in me. Then Gideon started getting all these diaper rashes. I thought I had tried everything except cloth. I've heard of babies having allergies to the chemicals in disposables. I knew that had to be it. So I switched. I realized it wasn't that hard at all so I started putting Elijah in them during the day also to save money. Then I found a washable overnight diaper for my bed wetter that works great too! Between the three of them I'm saving almost $60.00 a month. That's $720.00 a year!

There are three ways to cloth diaper. The first is the traditional prefold with a cover. This is the cheapest way to go but not always the easiest. I purchased most of mine at the natural baby products store in Corvallis. I only did this because I needed them "Now". I've since learned that you can get better quality for cheaper if you search around online or make your own. But, the ladies at Weebunz were very informative and I was alot more educated on the subject when I left there. The best prefolds to buy are the diaper service quality chinese prefolds. These are supposed to be the most absorbent prefolds out there. I guess most people do not use pins anymore. They have these nifty little things called a snappi. It snaps on to your prefold and holds them on. Then you need covers. These provide the the waterproof layer and they come in a variety of styles and colors. My favorites are the "Thirsties" with leg gussets found at Cottonbabies I like these because they don't leak and they fit a variety of sizes. My other favorite is the "envibums". The envibums are very unique compared to anything I've seen so far and for every one you purchase, she donates one to a mom in need. I thought that was pretty neat. They also are wipable and reusable. If it gets anything on it, you just take a wipe to it. It's handy when you're out.

The second option is the next cheapest. They're called "Pocket diapers". You can also purchase these at Wee Bunz or online. You simply stuff the prefold in the pocket for the absorbency and then put it on like a regular diaper. The advantage to this is they dry faster then an "All in one" because they come apart before you wash them. The disadvantage is you have to pull the soaked prefold out before washing.

The third is called in "All in one". Online they always abbreviate (AIO). I share this because it took me forever to figure out what they were talking about. Maybe I'm just slow. Anyway, these have the soaking and waterproof all in one and you just put it on like a diaper and wash when you're done. The disadvantage to these is that they're expensive and I've heard they take forever to dry. Like 2 dry cycles.

After purchasing my prefolds and covers, I learned that I could make my own diapers. I decided to go with the pocket diapers.

I used PUL fabric on the outside and fleece on the inside. I purchased my PUL, velcro, and elastic online. There are tons of free printable patterns depending on what you're trying to make. These are my absolute favorites and I use them for night time. The fleece provides a stay dry layer because it is non-absorbent.

OK, what everyone wants to know. Washing them. I have two buckets in the garage. One for poopy, one for wet. I take whatever solids will dump out and dump them in the toilet. Then I throw the diaper in the poopy bucket. The wet ones go in other bucket. Every other day I wash the poopy diapers first with my homemade diaper detergent in cold water so as to not set in the stains. When the cycle completes I add the pee diapers and more detergent in a hot cycle with a 1/2 c. of vinegar to the rinse cycle. They come out clean and fresh!

Oh, and yes I realized that Gideon was in desperate need of a haircut. My husband has been trying to convince me for months. So, here it is! My baby's first haircut. Sniff, sniff.


Season said...

If anyone know why my links didn't show up I would love some help here.

Charlene said...

This is great to read about cloth diapering. I've been thinking that living at camp would be a good place to try out cloth diapers,(if we ever have a child :) ) since we don't pay for our water. Saves a lot of money too!

Notorious M.E.G. said...

Hmm..did you copy & paste it from somewhere? If I type a link in myself I usually don't have a problem. It's very exciting to see so many people switching back to cloth! And with so many great options out there these days, why not? we plan to with our next baby.

Aly sun said...

While typing your post, highlight what word you would like readers to click on to jump to your link, then click on the "link" button on the task bar -- it looks like a chain link. Another little window will appear and you can paste your link address in. Your words with links will be a different color font or be underlined (there is a setting for changing that).

Aly sun said...

I love the idea of clothe diapers and think making your own is ingenious. I have 9 fuzzy buns (with an absorbent extra fleece insert) and they work well especially for my 2 year who isn't quite, not really at all, potty trained.

Gideon's hair cut is so cute. Yes, it makes him look so much older. He's a doll.

Season said...

Thanks Alysun. You're the best!

Season said...

Ok, fixed the link.

Aly sun said...

Just came back to this post because I am considering making my own diapers. I'm always running out with 2 using them. Lots of options and thanks for sharing your great ideas and first hand experience.