Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meet My Amazing Children (Nathan)

I really do have the most amazing children in the world!!! I've been reminded of this lately because I hurt my back and have been pretty useless for the past 4 weeks.
I'll be posting a recent picture of each of them thanks to AlysunPetersPhotography. Her prices are very reasonable and she is a great person and great with the kids. She will come to the location of your choice so there's not stressful wait with kids you're trying to keep perfect. We did this at the local park and the kids got to play when we were done. Very casual and easy. I really needed it that way. She captured wonderful pictures of all of my children and this was no easy task.

This is Nathan. Born at 33 weeks. I was told he would only be 3 to 4 pounds. They had a neonatal nurse from Phoenix children's hospital in the delivery room ready to stabilize him on his way up to the air vac. Everyone who loved him was in the room ready to say goodbye if needed and he came out a whopping 5'13 and screaming. The love that came over me when they placed him on my chest was overwhelming. As I held him he began to whimper and have rapid breaths and they rushed him off to care for him. Immediately they handed me a paper. I don't remember exactly what I was signing over at the time but something along the lines of he needs this and that and we need permission right now and you won't hold us responsible. I was a Mother for a whole 2 min. I was 18 years old and not married. Until this moment I had never cared for anything more then myself. I prayed and begged a God I didn't even know to save this child and all I could do was cry in my own Mother's arms and wait what seemed like days. After spending 12 hours on oxygen and a few days in electrolyte therapy for Jaundice I was released from the hospital with this tiny, fragile, premature baby. I had know idea how my life was going to change but it was time for me to grow up. Today he is 11 years old and about 5'8, 120 lbs. Nothing tiny about him. Especially his heart. He is the best big brother anyone could imagine. I would not survive daily life without this amazing young man. He regularly says to me "Can I cook dinner tonight mom? Is there anything I can do for you Mom? Don't lift that Mom, I'll get it." If we are in a crowd with many children, he will find the loneliest child he can and make friends. His heart is huge and loves big. I know God saved him that day because He's got great big plans for him because I sure didn't deserve for Him to answer that prayer or for Him to bless me the way that he has.


Aly sun said...

Wowsa, I'm crying here. He is one special boy. I love the values you are instilling in him. He is growing into an awesome young man.

PS Thanks for the thoughtful advertisement. You are the best.

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

Oh, goodness! I'm all teary! LOVE this post!