Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meet My Amazing Children (Elijah and Gideon, The almost twins)

These little guys are only 10 months apart. They're almost twins and are always together so I have to put them together here. They are either playing together or getting into something together ALL day everyday.

This is Elijah...

This little guy had the most problems at birth. Baby number six and was going to be our last. We outgrew our van with this one and moved into our big orange school bus. This was not an exciting thing for my husband. As if people didn't stare at us enough. Now they just wonder if we're on some kind of weird field trip. He was unable to nurse on his own so I was supplementing and pumping. We made the horrible mistake of getting him circumcised in the hospital 24 hours after he was born. He did not do well with this at all. He bled a lot and a couple days later it became seriously infected. Because he wasn't eating well he also wasn't healing well. I took him to the doctor and he had a bad fever and a rapid heart rate. They sent him directly to intensive care where they informed me they thought the infection had gone to his blood stream and it was serious. We had a stab wound in the bed on one side of us and a suicide attempt on the other side. We're in the hospital with this tiny, tiny baby and they're telling me that my baby has the same thing that my best friend died from 3 months prior. All I kept thinking was "No God". You can't do this. You took her and you can't have him. I don't know if it was that serious but my wounds from Annie were so fresh and had shaken my faith so hard that the whole situation was more than I could bare. They gave him some serious antibiotics and he got better really, really fast. We brought him home and I began again to try and teach him how to nurse. In the first 2 weeks of his life we had a doctors appointment or hospital visit every day between his jaundice and infection. During this same time my oldest son got stabbed in the head with hammer. We failed at nursing. My milk dried up completely by time he was 6 weeks old. I was devastated more than I could ever describe and I ended up pregnant again by the time he was 8 weeks old. (Good thing we had that school bus!) It's also a good thing God doesn't do things the way I think they should be done all the time. Sometimes he has a greater plan then I can imagine.

This little guy went from this tiny baby to a big brother in 10 months. He is so sweet and patient with his little brother and just adores his new baby sister. He is my one calm child. He prefers to stay close with the family and away from strangers. I never have to worry about him wandering off. If Gideon takes his toy or smashes his block tower he most likely will say, "No, no Gideon, please stop". I love this boy!

Which brings me to Gideon...

It means mighty warrior. And boy does it fit him. Sorry Elijah. He loves to wrestle. And Elijah loves it too. He just would prefer to have some warning before Gideon charges from across the room and tackles him from behind. These two roll around on the floor together daily with great big smiles. It is the cutest thing!
My pregnancy was pretty uneventful. Gideon was born a little early and had a hard time nursing also but we overcame that after about 4 weeks. He has always had a mind of his own and has always been a fighter. I know that this little guy will be a mighty warrior for God one day. We just have to get his bullets firing in the right direction. (Thanks Alysun's Grandma for the great analogy! It's encouraged me many times!) He's currently learning how to talk. I love this stage! He finally learned the word "Yes" and has stopped saying "No" to everything. He's gives the sweetest kisses and loves his new baby sister. This guy keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing.


Ash Kahl said...

You have such a beautiful family. They are blessed to have a Mama as great as you. Keep up the good work friend!

Aly sun said...

Two such beautiful boys. It encourages me that they are learning to get along even though they are very different.