Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cure for colds

My friend Holly showed me this about 6 years ago. We were in Oregon visiting and my baby girl (Anina at the time), had her 4th ear infection in a row. We had already tried tubes and she had just finished her 3rd round of antibiotics. We were away from home and I was desperate or I never would have let her do it. The next morning her nose was running clear again and her fever was gone.

What you need:

Fresh garlic unpeeled
garlic press
wash cloth
cup of warm water
olive oil
small container for olive oil
cotton ball

A cute subject with a runny nose, cough, fever, ear pain or all of the above.

Press a couple cloves of garlic into the wash cloth (Peels and all) and wrap up into a poultice. Dip in the warm water and rub on the child's chest,


and feet.

When my kids have a runny nose it usually turns into ear pain so I also put some garlic oil in their ear when I do the garlic treatments.

Chop a clove of garlic into large chunks and put in a couple of tablespoons of oil (Pictured above). Let sit for about 15 minutes while you're doing the garlic treatments. Use a dropper to fill up the ear canals careful not to get any of the garlic chunks. Tear a small piece of cotton and plug the ear with it for a few minutes to let the garlic do it's job. Then remove and let the ear drain out the gunk.

My children have not been on antibiotics (Which weaken their immune systems) for upper respiratory infections or ear infections since I started doing this all those years ago. They love the feel of a warm rag on their body but I would suggest testing it in one small area the first time. I had one child with very sensitive skin develop a rash when I would us garlic on her.

I recently fought mastitis by eating garlic and doing a garlic poultice on the lump. For adults and older children I simply chop the garlic up into small pieces and put it on a spoon. We swallow it like pills with juice as a chaser. This is also very affective and you won't smell as bad.

Other uses:
Vaginal infections (Use the water from the poultice or an un-knicked whole clove over night)
Prevention of illness (Boosting immune system)
Pink eye (It does burn bad though)

Garlic has the same ingredient antibiotics have but it is much, much stronger and does not kill the good bacteria your body needs to fight off future infections.


Marcee said...

Yea for garlic!! I've also heard of dropping H2O2 in the ears for infection. Also, if a child is getting recurring ears infections, getting adjusted at a Chiropracter is a very good solution. I heard/read this. Haven't experienced it. Thankfully our family doesn't seem to be plagued with ear infections. PTL.

Ash Kahl said...

I will have to give this a try! Thanks, Season.

Sara said...

How often do you do the garlic rub? And how long do you rub? Thanks!